Własny kawałek pola

W ostatnim czasie zajmujemy się projektem ogrodu. Na dużej powierzchni pojawić się mają rabaty bylinowe i warzywnik. Niech was nie zmyli tematyka – ogród będzie jak najbardziej nowoczesny.

Nie wierzycie! Poniżej kilka dowodów na nowoczesne ogrody warzywne:

Los Angeles is not all mini-malls and highways. As Eric Garcetti, president of the City Council, shows, it is eminently possible to live green in the City of Angels. By putting solar power and recycled materials to use, he and his partner transformed a mid-century house on a cozy hillside plot into a sustainable home with garden terraces and panoramic views.

planters edged in corten steel industrial landscape by Exteriorscapes llc

Creative Veggie Garden... think "Edible Landscape"... Instead of growing cabbage in a straight line, try curves. Plant perennials right next to your basil and sage. And in lieu of wood, build your raised beds out of galvanized steel or rustic materials. Just as you would design your landscape to complement your personal style, design your vegetable garden to match.

Spectacular Vegetable Garden decorating ideas for Stunning Landscape Contemporary design ideas with cor-ten corten gravel path metal raised beds vegetable garden

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