projekt zieleni w mieście

czy to jeszcze ławka


to już nie ławka – to sztuka

kolorowa-ławka-na-placu ławka-cyan



ławka-kamienna to-nie-ławka-to-sztuka napis-na-ławce


wielkie-ławki-drewniane ławka-czy-ława


siedzisko-na-murku-betonowym ławki-na-murku-betonowym

<p>Like a seaside boardwalk the Longest Bench rests gently on its habitat and adapts to its surroundings while like a charm bracelet it connects and defines the promenade as a whole, underlining it as a collection of individual playful places that can be added to throughout its lifetime.&nbsp;</p>

<p>If you are interested in supporting the bench and helping Littlehampton make it into the record books in return for your name or message engraved onto the bench, contact</p>

<p>The Longest Bench is made from thousands of hardwood bars reclaimed from sources including old seaside groynes (including Littlehampton&rsquo;s) and rescued from landfill. This simple component is arrayed to accommodate the complex shapes called for by the form of the wall and the activities which take place along it. The variety of reclaimed timbers are interspersed with splashes of bright colour wherever the bench wriggles, bends or dips.</p>

14704306664_74609831b7_z 14683709206_5aa32f5204_z


długa-ławka-drewniana falista-ława-drewniana


drewniane-siedzisko-na-murku-betonowowym drewniana-ława-na-betonowym-murku


ławka-z-kosza-metalowego super-fotel


yellow circles



Tanner Fountain

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